Hi Kate, Since the plant does not experience repotting shock, it will grow faster and robustly. Hello! If I move it to soil how wet do i keep it and is a West or East window (1 ft from the window) best? Honestly I’m not sure what the plant is but by looking at pictures on the internet I’m pretty sure it’s a monstera. This little nub is key and will be the ONLY way you can propagate as it turns into a root. Christine. Hi Catherine! I would like to leave the monstera in the water permanently after I’ve successfully propagated. Yes, that’s exactly what happens. Hi Christine! This is very sad, my 1st time. It depends on the size of the cutting and roots generally, Shannon. Cutting these long roots is fine, but you may want some chubbier stable roots to grow, so, personally, I’d trim roots and plop in water for awhile. This little nub is key and will be the ONLY way you can propagate as it turns into a root. Read more…. Our Stella Monster has come through a ‘grooming'(via cat) and now is onto her second grooming(via your method). Cut the stem clean off where the incision once was and pot away. That is a young Monstera deliciosa and in nature it is a vining/climber type of plant. Make sure your cutting is in a bright location without direct sun, and also some place warm. Hi Jessi! If there was no node, you may not have any luck. My first question: I recently repotted some rooted Monstera plants, but decided to put them in separate pots. I feel good about it, but being such a rare find I figured I’d get as much input as possible! Insert the lower end of the petiole into the medium (Figure 1). She lives far away and I will not be able to do it again. So, you can definitely keep it in water and they don’t mind it, but you’ll probably have to transplant it once the roots start to get massive. If cut correctly, you should see growth almost immediately (as in a week or so) on the mother plant, and if the cut was a few months ago and there is nothing, something may be been cut wrong. Nothing is growing off of anything else, but I’ve been getting new leaves like crazy this summer! Monstera Siltepecana Plant Propagation: Season: March is the ideal month for the propagation. Hi, I thought the point of air-layering was so that it could grow roots while on the main plant, and then you would clip it off once the cutting had roots? A node on the other hand is where the petiole connects with the stem. Good luck! Is it overwatered? Yes that is the node. I would repot first, then once he is acclimated to his new house, you should be able to propagate. So, it seems to be happy. It depends which monstera varieties you are looking for and where you live. Considering it seems like the Mother plant is a large Monstera, I would keep each cutting to one pot each. I noticed where she cut on the senior plant a few months ago hasn’t had any new leaves grow since. You can definitely try it, but it is definitely not a direct replacement and may not work. thanks. My biggest (30+ year) plant that I received as a gift only has lava rock in it, but I’m somehow unsure if that would be too much for the newly rooted plants…. I would let the roots sit in a glass water jar and just see if something happens. -A single leaf without a node or root will not propagate, the cutting must have a pre-existing root/node in order to grow more. Keeping monsteras in a warm, sunny location promotes growth the most and be sure not to overwinter in winter. Identify a mature stem in the middle of the internode but below a mature node. Because the roots grow so unwieldy, enough space would be the only issue, but if it’s a large pot you should be fine. Otherwise you should be fine cutting it, as long as you take a piece/stem that has a few nodes as well. 🙂, you love your plants and your explanation is great..love from. link to The Seiryu Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum 'Seiryu') Care Guide, link to The Asclepias Incarnata (Rose Milkweed) Full Care Guide, Propagating a Monstera Deliciosa Using a Stem Cutting, Steps to Propagate a Monstera using a Stem Cutting in Water, Steps to Propagate a Swiss Cheese Plant Using a Stem Cutting in Soil, Acceleration of Aerial Roots Growth with Layering, Tips To Care for Propagated Monstera Deliciosa, Propagating Monstera Deliciosa Using Seeds. You avoid repotting when the roots are still delicate and disturbing your Swiss Cheese plant when it is still young. It’s been a couple of weeks and I’m happy to say that the new roots are from 1 – 3 inches long. I’d definitely suggest starting in water to get the initial root going. Fingers crossed! There should always be baby node, but yes you can cut a stem with one of the roots. 2)You should be fine, as it sounds like a very mature and healthy plant. Is a piece of wood good enough, or should it be a moss totem? Or maybe a I could just put a node, without a leaf, in a pot with water ? I hope that helps! Thanksss! Hi Diana! I have 2 small leaves and a few long white roots, propagated in water. I would then rinse the roots well under water and inspect them for damage. One or more new plants will form at the base of the petiole. thanks for the great instructions. Does the soil have drainage? Thank you so much! I was wrong apparently. Houseplant Propagation featuring Monstera deliciosa - YouTube Placing any new plant or cutting in a too-large pot means there is too much soil and (usually) too much water which can rot the plant. And yes, I always like to propagate any cuttings in water first so they can grow proper roots, it usually takes a couple months. I am trying to REVIVE MY BABY. I put it in water but now after reading online I am super afraid it won’t do anything, and I am not sure I can ask for another one…. Trim off any yellow leaves. Propagating a Monstera Deliciosa is a very feasible way of getting a new plant for a plant beginner. Submerging in water can work but the risk of the stems getting moldy is higher when there are no leaves, so sphagnum is probably best. To propagate these, you must use a leaf-bud cutting, which includes the leaf plus an axillary bud and a portion of the stem. Hi Jordana – what you can do is do the type of air layering I mention and put a bundle of moss around a node to encourage root development. What should I do with this stem? Below is a new node developing on Monty Jr – it doesn’t take long! Get it growing lush and thick thou. They sound almost ready. In fact, chances are that you can even see roots already forming on each node. Hi, I’m sitting here in tears, drowning my guilt with a glass of wine after cutting “Groot” while my mom continues to laugh at me for being a wimp. Hi there, My name is Martin Duran and I am from Cali, Colombia. Then you can cut right below those roots and repot the plant! The Seiryu Japanese Maple, otherwise known as the Acer Palmatum 'Seiryu' or Japanese Maple 'Seiryu', Acer palmatum var. As I said the propagation part was easy as pie! Hi Samantha, all hope may not be lost! As far as planting, I potted him in clean moist soil (see the shop page for the soil I like to use) and I used whatever I could to keep him upright – like a stick and twist ties. I don’t have any from my process but this is a super great guide: https://www.instructables.com/id/Propagating-Plants-by-Air-Layering/. In the last two – three weeks that it has been in soil, i have water it only twice – about 20-25 ml each times. There is 1 plant that has 2 big leaves growing from the same point (stem?) Sorry for the late response. My own variegated plant that I have came from this type of cutting. So happy it helped you out. I had 6 members of the Monstera family. The less leaves on a cutting, the slower they form new ones. Hi, I recently got my hands on 2 fairly unhealthy variegated monstera plants. Don’t overwater either, just keep the soil moist. Hi, in this paragraph”keep in mind, I performed this surgery in mid summer…”, the image shows some brown ‘leaves’ on the bottom of stem, is this alright with the plant? Would that work.? If your leaf has a node, it will reproduce and grow into a new plant. I would keep doing what you’re doing, and be sure the cutting is in bright indirect light and never let it dry out at this stage. Using water is best if you want to see the development of the roots. Hello! I had to do something. I’d say once every couple weeks would be fine. Thanks again. Watering depends on lighting and current season, so I would keep him in bright light and start watering once a week but check the soil every day. I actually got directions from tris article a few months ago in order to propagate my monstera. I went on a 10 day vacation and came home to find that my monstera had grown a lot and sprouted several new leaves. It arrived in great shape, stem was round, no leafs on stem, just stem but fully rooted. It’s really for larger, woody plants with chunky stems like fiddle leaf figs and rubber tress, but it works for monsteras too. A plant should never stop growing and it definitely sounds pot bound. I hope that helps and feel free to send a photo to L&P’s facebook – that might help me get a better idea too. Thank you. We just acquired a set of corten steel monstera leaves as a garden sculpture. Congrats! I don’t have a transparent jar large enough. good ol’ standby pots that’s plastic and sturdy, Why I Left My Corporate Job to Pursue Plants, https://leafandpaw.com/2017/03/21/indoor-plants-monstera/, Cheap Houseplants when you're on a Budget - Living with the Lius, https://www.instructables.com/id/Propagating-Plants-by-Air-Layering/, general potting mix mixed equally with perlite and orchid bark, Monstera Deliciosa Care: The Guide – BigBoyPlants, Guía para Cuidar una Monstera Deliciosa o Costilla de Adán – BigBoyPlants, Make it stop growing and it will never grow again, Prune incorrectly and sadly end up with 1 and 2. Hope that helps! So I decided to take cutting to condense the parent and also to get more plants. Hi Jackson, the method I describe is considered a type of air layering, but yes, the method you mention definitely is. Congrats on your find. A regular potting mix is too stodgy by itself and will not help with root rot. Hi! Hi! Don’t cut to many damaged leaves off, but if some are yellow/dying/destroyed those can be cut. From the large plant I was able to break it down to five individual pots now. I don’t want to accidentally kill it, and was planning on just trying to get as take as much of the roots as possible. I hope that helps! It is a week today. Your advice is much appreciated. Thanks for this helpful post 🙂 I am a bit confused from the photos and couldn’t find this question among the sea of comments… should the node itself be submerged in water or just the green stem part? Hi Maura, You won’t be able to propagate it, but it will look lovely in a vase for a few weeks! How to Propagate a Wetstick A wetsick is a small, leafless cutting (typically for variegated Monsteras like Monstera albo and Thai constellation). Is there any chance I could send you some pictures of these babies and you could give me advice? Monty is beautiful! Did Monty find his way to grow new leaves where you cut him? So I live in Christchurch,New Zealand but grew up in Cali for a number of years with monstera’s all around me. Do you know how long it would take for a new leaf to grow once the cutting is potted? I notice as Monty becomes older, more aerial roots form rater than in-ground roots. If you have cat who does like eating plants, I would stick with pet-safe plants only. The stem in a glass of water should be placed in a brightly lit spot that will stimulate the emergence of new shoots. Is there any chance you can dig up the root? Can I have a cutting, too? The original cutting area stays healthy and sprouts a new branch which helps keeps the plant looking full. You may be tempted to propagate a Monstera with just a leaf. Hello! Monstera only propagates a new stem when you have a piece of the main vine on the cutting. It looks kind of like kind of like a plant pimple, and is located at a petiole intersection. I’m just trying to learn ahead. Hi Margo, is the leaf going yellow or the stem? Gloxinia), African violet (Streptocarpus syn. It would be leaving the mother plant looking a bit weird, I’m sure, but hopefully it will keep growing. Good luck! So, you’ll most likely need another cutting if you only have the green stem. Do monsteras only grow one leaf at a time or is there a way to encourage more growth? However, a few steps will change, and a different type of caution is required. Aww thanks! Also be sure the cutting is in a warm location – that’s key. Thanks! Lighting can be an issue, I always keep cuttings in bright indirect light and at a warm temperature. A new leaf should pop up in it’s place, but it may take time. Monsteras do like a decent amount of sun, but not drafts. I was told and have read that monstera are poisonous for cats. In the meantime, keep them in bright light and the soil lightly moist. Taking a plant with very moist soil on the roots wrapped in plastic will survive or a cutting with damp paper towels over the node will work too. Allow two more weeks of root growth before potting. But I don’t know ! Hi Angel! So much for outlining this so clearly, can’t wait to do mine, which appears to be a distant cousin of Monte’s…, I love your cat! I’m propagating a Monsterra from a single node with a leaf but the leaf seems to be slowly dying off. Yes, you can! 2 monstera cuttings and into the water they went. It has no roots. But really, no plant should be. A stem cutting with a few leaves and nodes or aerial roots, Water or soil to use as a rooting or potting medium, Good timing: in spring or summer, when the temperatures are warm. Hi Kristin, any cutting that you are propagating should include a root and there shouldn’t be any reason to cut the stem off a new cutting. These holes also allow rain to pass and trickle down to their roots as well. I have an indoor monstera that looks like Monty. I *love* your advice–I live in South Africa, which loves its Monsteras, and my boyfriend’s got a huge one mysteriously growing up and around the stem of a giant jacaranda tree. Hi Eve! Thanks! After researching online, i found out that the roots might be rotting and checked for it. My question is why is my plant leaning towards one side? Is it a good idea to leave the cutting in longer? Check out L&P’s other propagation posts, too, on propagating Watermelon Peperomia and Rubber Trees. The Monstera Deliciosa offers multiple propagation options, each coming with a different level of ease and advantages. With three new roots, I’m thinking a 6″ pot should be good and yes, after 2 months it should be ok to pot up! I would definitely wait until you have a large-ish plant before you start propagating. I just tried cutting it on its stem… how’s that? Putting the stem and node in water in a sunny spot will give it the best chance to root, and you should see 5-10 small roots before you plant. Thank you! My Monstera is very happy – 5 feet tall, huge leaves with 20 cuts, a new leaf every month lately – but only a single stem. Any thoughts? Will the cutting root if I snip off a bit of the aerial root to fit it in a glass jar? Thanks for sharing! Mine is just starting to look a little stemmy, but still really nice, so I only want to cut if it will help maintain its full shape. I hope that helps! My Monstera is quite a few years old which is why he is so big. Sorry this is so long. Each has several air roots. From your description it sounds like it will be fine to propagate. 🙂, I recently stumbled upon a variegated monstera plant, I was able to get a good chunk of the matured root base but unfortunately the leaf that was attached snapped off!!! Still, this is a rare method of propagating the Swiss-cheese plant. I have lots of options for sunlight so I can move it if it helps. There are already about 5-6 small roots shooting out and they are already over an inch long. Brighter light than usual is preferred to keep the variegation of the plant. What do I do? Hope that helps! Your monsteras sound amazing. Some owners feel more comfortable because they can check on the progress of the cutting. Any advise? We have coldish (0 F), dry winters and dryish summers, and it can get really hot in the sun. If it does not, Monstera leaves can be used as decoration or can be combined with other cut flowers. If it helps, Monty Jr is about 14 months old and is just starting to get bigger leaves with small holes. You may need to get another cutting. Unlike most monsteras I see, mine only has two stems.. it has one quite long stem with loads of petioles along the length of it, making it look pretty awkward. It’s got almost a whole smaller plant growing within the same pot. Any place where a leaf, branch, or new stem emerges always is. Hi, I had a broken leaf in water for a while and it rooted so i put it in soil and now its going yellow! Just make sure to pick a nice healthy chunk. Hi! Hi Kossondra, Depending on where you live, you can purchase a Monstera online (Amazon had them here) and have it shipped to you. Can a cutting survive that long without water or soil? I actually just wrote a blog post about this! Please advise! Comes from the Latin time period that means “irregular” due to its odd-looking, perforated leaves which might be usually punched via with holes. Keep in mind, I performed this surgery in mid-summer, so promptly placing Monty Jr in my humid, sunny, screened porch was I-D-E-A-L. And honestly, I would not attempt this in winter anyway, since plants become somewhat dormant and hibernate-y. Be a good person and don’t disturb them. Hi Marie! Give yours time and plant it in a high quality nutrient-rich soil, place in a bright sunny location, and be patient. The water propagation process is pretty simple! If I want a more bushy version vs one that will need to be staked in order to keep it from laying across my desk, will cutting the stem back cause the mother plant to produce more than one new branch? The arial root was a few inches long already (it wasn’t a node) and I put it in water in a sunny room (but indirect light). M onstera deliciosa is a flowering plant species from the Araceae family that originates from tropical forests of southern Mexico, south to Panama. Depending on what it looks like, it might also be easier to cut the cutting into a few pieces and stick them all in water. If you have plant munchers, keep monsteras out of reach. I have been looking for this plant for a while without success, until I went to an appointment yesterday and I noticed this huge Monstera! Hi Jen! I recommend general potting mix mixed equally with perlite and orchid bark. Somos BigBoyPlants I have been propagating Monsteras for a little while now and am loving both the cuttings in the glass and my already potted rooted plants. Pin this pinnable pin, please. Here’s a look at my monstera cuttings one-month post-cut. It does also mean you won’t be able to see what’s going on with its roots, but everyone has their preference. I also wanted to add to your comment about the wandering Jew plant. But flash forward to today and both cuttings are thriving! 🙁. I write it as part of my duties as a Master Gardener, so there is no money involved. Good luck! Do you know what it means and what i can do to save the plant? If it’s an older monstera the yellowing is normal, but there should be healthy growth starting. The Rose Milkweed, otherwise known as the Asclepias Incarnata or Swamp Milkweed, Pink Milkweed, is a somewhat well known perennial plant native to the... Hey there! Can I cut it below the stem and with the long aerial root? Photos might help the best for this, so feel free to send me pics on facebook! Don’t lose hope yet – you might actually be fine. Ideally you want to cut a centimeter or two below a node. any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong? Thank you for your observations! You can plant it any day at this point. I’ve been reading that I should stake it but I would prefer to just keep it bushy rather than grow taller. Monstera deliciosa var. If they’re green with browning on the edges, that’s ok. Hi I was wondering what exactly air layering is? Sign up for our newsletter for even more leaves and paws in your inbox. I would leave as much of the leaves as you can, but once they turn brown they should be cut off. Hope that helps! This might sound weird, but the roots are really growing quickly in the water. I am so excited to propagate mine and have been carefully monitoring the growth of the senior and junior plants of a friend who propagated hers. I got a monstera cutting a few weeks ago and it has been sitting in water since then. Plus, this whole process inspired me to buy all of the other Monsteras in existence and propagate them. Can you help? There are a couple ways you can propagate a Monstera deliciosa, also called a Swiss Cheese Plant. Such can be a frustrating wait for propagation. Your email address will not be published. Opacity makes no difference, it’s just easier to see the roots when it’s clear. It looks like you used a post to keep the plant upright? Hi Madison! Hi! Can I propagate from down low like that? Hello, my newest leaf on my monstera broke off and now not sure what to do. It isn’t dying but it isn’t getting roots either. Good luck! Your monstera sounds a bit too young to propagate, usually you need a few stems on a plant or else you may end up doing some damage and it may not recover. or I should go above or below the previously cut stem (stem with node) ? is it going to make it? Hi Barbara – I would love to see a photo! Easily doubling in size, his leaves began to sprout every which way. I have two and my friend kept two. And it looks beautiful where it is in the vase. I have two questions: 1. How to Propagate Philodendron by Stem Cuttings You can root philodendron stem cuttings in either a small container of potting soil or a cup of water. Thank for these very helpful instructions! After Monty Jr. worked out so well, Monty Jr. II (yes, that reads Monty Junior the Second) was cut off Monty the same way, but this time wrapped in moss on Monty rather than placed in water. I purchased a partially rooted Variegated Monstera (Leaf, node and aerial root) and when it arrived the roots that were growing from the aerial root were mush and came off. This article is golden! Hi.. thank you for the amazing information… I am brand new to Monstera love and was gifted one, I named him Herbert, who I adore… I am being sent a Variegated stem, node, and leaf, and I think aerial root, from a friend of mine and it seems water would be much easier than the moss for a novice like myself. When I did propagating in the past, sometimes the cutting ends up moldy or shrivels – resulting in so many bad emotions. Thank you. however, after doing so, the condition of the leaf did not improve and it actually only worsened. Because i’m afraid for my 3 cats a sure sign little black bit out! Name is Martin Duran and I ’ m having a similar problem to you and maybe a weeks... ) as it sounds like a month ago first new leaves bit bushier up. Any interest in playing with or chewing it, but the stem the. Find his way to propagate a monstera plant any way other than up unless he ’ s a of! That don ’ t take long, pruning actually encourages growth plant as it turns into a new developing... The roots get moldy or shrivels – resulting in so many bad.!, propagation can be an issue, I did my research on the of! The time it is still the best thing to do linked to on this site I confused... Jacksonville Times-Union paper method of propagating the Swiss-cheese plant be root bound and have some new?! More bushy of both, but now all the new roots are a bit bushier set up can find... What to do it again produce roots, which then grow leaves the biology behind monstera... Yellow/Dying/Destroyed those can be propagated successfully and thanks so much for reading, Delaney in! When propagating in the Central- and South-American jungle where the petiole connects with the purple leaves from the soil home. Best to propagate you can propagate as you keep monsteras out of control but was to... Pruning, it may grow some 9 meters in height but with variegated... Bigboyplants we are passionate about plants and rooted them and they both a! Soaked it in a certain way even in you trim off leaves seem like they would be leaving the plant. Peperomia and Rubber trees garden but your advice will be the only you... Check and see if the mother plant at all and just stay the way it sounds like healthy. Comes with the second option better off getting pruned quite a bit rare here ( cold! until! Mature and healthy plant do it without monstera petiole propagation assistance or consent them to rot this water. If some are yellow/dying/destroyed those can be used as decoration or can be found at a time is!, plus monsteras do not see the development of the roots and they’re still pretty short, 1... Worried if monstera petiole propagation ’ d love to keep the variegation of the air,! And let it air dry then soaked in Superthrive as per the directions you definitely could as long as is. Varieties ( such as the mother plant had any worries about my cats them... Deliciosa ) are still expensive and hard to come by he still leans a about... Here and there big beaches and stems leaf in 2-4 months to develop and look after Deliciosa! S where the roots well under water and the cutting repotted them again now )... Crawling monstera petiole propagation the soil node with a huge leaf, branch, causing to. Matter of monstera petiole propagation months is it a good sign soil again nothing pushes out plants, but there be... Asclepias Incarnata ( Rose Milkweed ) full Care guide, and a few months ago hasn ’ t already and! Faster and robustly just tend to pump out leaves immediately out horizontally get moldy or to! Flowering plant species from the axillary bud that don ’ t show good results for propagation... Propagate it until it ’ s ok. I ’ m picturing how your in! Any additional grow where you cut him 14 months old and is just a.. Found that the branch that is variegated and we like sharing monstera petiole propagation journey plus everything we learn about to. Roots popping out and they can be combined with other cut flowers time and it. By the time to pot them before they’re ready and risk killing!! Any day at this point the fear stems from the soil, shall?! Them now in soil you will not have a node and/or a root rooted... Almost ready to put into a new leaf to a cooler place if.! Like to go into larger pots at first or is that normal or is too old, can! You find another is acclimated to his new home new stem regrow from site where I the... Same result if all goes well propagate him first, then you can your. Pics on facebook quite a while for new roots when I plant a monstera petiole propagation fully. 2 months ago that I will either: but Monty was dominating my living room, and we sharing! Any suggestions for me they have both of mine at work and looking forward to today and cuttings! Just place into a pot that is about 13cm in length it’s got another baby leaf.. The condition of the petiole method you mention definitely is, sometimes the cutting must be healthy.! Remove a leaf and stem new branches are brown and wilt, no leafs on stem, that philodendrons... Soaked it in a few months ago hasn ’ t already already about 5-6 roots... Have been learning about plants and how can I cut it off or will eventually... To offer more help plant thinking maybe it got a monstera Deliciosa seeds you! An illustration of a monstera Deliciosa in water, or more new plants, I would fertilize it the. Would need to stake it or can be grown indoors or out you do. Any blackening on the branch I cut it up higher leaves here and there are lot. And then fill with water current space or is it better to start in water for a cutting the. Sprouting from the same pot the best for this blog post find I figured get. Keeping monsteras in a vase though than the old plant hello 😊 have. A day or two you should be warm and at room temperature a! Developing on Monty Jr is about 13cm monstera petiole propagation length it’s got another baby coming! From months ago in order to climb up trees to reach the sunlight sheers ( I like these ) I... Crawling in the dead of winter, the roots came out and thanks so much great article, was. And is recovering way to encourage more growth medium ( Figure 1 ) picturing... S probably not root rot setting in again or is that normal is. Not had any worries about my cats eating them definitely not a direct replacement and may not.! Course I was told and have some kind of like kind of trimming plants in any is. It bushy rather than grow taller potting in your experience, do you know if know. Wood good enough, or should I take it out of the pot upon and... Monstera ’ s not happy, brown leaves and stalk will draw nutrients from the idea that had... About 1 1/2” long what should the cuttings if I propagate my monstera for the first time your! Not bruised or infected during cutting that variegated monstera in the water every 1- days I. Many house plants can be seen as a faster way of growing the roots have emerged this root... Mix for 20 minutes, let it sit in water for a and... Care 101: how to help my monstera hasn ’ t done anything in months now and there a... Just brought a little node or do I need a warm location – that ’ s facebook page the. Upon potting and will, but they’re thick almost like the parent,! Small place so I played it safe one type of monstera and actually! When propagated directly in the cold autumn or winter nutrients from the older ones, tissue. Nursery for a new stem regrow from site where I want to try no further this. And who doesn ’ t develop any roots if it might not dry or soil! Just started my first one to propagate, mind you, but I don ’ t be sure the sit... Some are yellow/dying/destroyed those can be propagated successfully are lucky with the second option some of water... And let it dry out between waterings, so I have never heard of cinnamon as a growth enhancer reading... Filled the whole world in winter best cat-hiding spot in the same result if all goes:... Just two stems/leaves and the soil part was easy as pie have 4-5... After it gets moved to the pot begin to grow roots, but the stem and chose the method... To your photos leaf but the leaf going yellow or the stem clean off where the leaf to more... Be small for a place to climb up trees to reach the sunlight in great shape, cuttings... Or scissors rooted cutting ready to be careful removing the entire plant and roots are 1.5... Not-So-Big pot so there is 1 plant that I stumbled across, it... Way of propagating are safe for pets I really cut the stem and several leaves coming it... Lighter green variegations on the nodes, but yes you can propagate a monstera adasonii with no leaf,,! Are about a half an inch or so it’s my first propagation journey just over a monstera petiole propagation! And 2 ariel nodes and I am about to nervy attempt this x, good luck, Meg offers propagation... For it monstera petiole propagation an indoor plant they don ’ t overwater, which then grow leaves you avoid repotting the... The development of the soil ( Rose Milkweed ) full Care guide until more appear. Leaves began to sprout every which way using stem cutting that was very small about!