Humbucker guitar pickup Seymour Duncan SH-55B Seth Lover Model Bridge: 64 images, 7 user review(s), 4 classifieds and 2 prices Just like the original 1955 P.A.F.s, the SH-55 utilizes a nickel silver bottom plate, butyrate plastic bobbins; plain enamel wire, an Alnico bar magnet, a wooden spacer, and … Did someone come to you and say this is specifically what we want, a pickup that would not pick up hum? A bona fide trailblazer in the earliest days of the electric guitar. [He gets out from his box a recognizable humbucker pickup and puts it on the now-crowded table. Every time you pushed it, it'd go clunk and the sound would come through the amplifier. The mould we use for our butyrate bobbins was created by the same factory that built the original P.A.F. And this [points to yet another pickup on the table] was the original bass humbucking pickup that I built for Gibson. Maybe it didn't affect the shielding too much, I never checked too closely, but it didn't look good when you took the cover off and saw all those cracks down there. Anyway, I said yeah, so I went to work and designed a pickup for them. Were there many more prototypes beyond the one you've got here? Walt Fuller was the chief engineer, as I say, the guy in charge, and I did a lot of design work for him. Well, he was alright. Where would guitarists be today without Seth Lover? Now I also used to do drafting—I'd draw schematic diagrams and stuff of that nature for the giveaways with the amplifiers. That was what they asked for? Alrighty, then. $145.00. So I thought gosh, there are humbucking choke coils, so why can't we build a humbucking pickup? Other key features include our specially manufactured 42AWG plain enamel mag wire, nickel silver … It was the first humbucker I ever got that I actually liked. If it performs well, fine. Next day, you're too old. The pickup has a great balance of low end warmth with an articulate top-end. I figured Fender is known for his brilliant type sound, so I kept a little more brilliance in the pickup than what there was in the Gibson. The Seth Lovers are P.A.F. Then, all at once, the guys started taking the covers off the pickups, you know? Seth Lover: On the humbucker the adjustable pole piece extends out the bottom. They wanted it to sound exactly like Gibson. I remember that we went to one of the trade shows in Chicago and we had a humbucking pickup, and there we discovered that another company had built a humbucking pickup. The coils are sideways, and there were so many turns on that, you had all the volume you needed. Ted joined in '48. I remember that if you had a salesman who knew what he was talking about—Andy Nelson, he was a Gibson salesman, he could really sell these things, because he understood and could talk humbucking. It wasn't as quick to operate, because with the push button you could snap it into position in a hurry, whereas here you had to twist it around to the one you wanted. The Seth Lover neck model gives you a smooth but articulate tone by striking the perfect balance of warm, full low-end and a nice sweet treble. There they even balked at paying the cost of the mounting ring for that. Every time I'd shield something, I'd take away some of the noise. But I don't know, apparently it cost too much. By making use of cunife magnets. See, this was the old P-90 mounting ring, and I just cut it out to fit this in. Not recommended for use with ultra high … I know that when I designed a humbucking pickup for Fender, I changed to cunife. They had built additional buildings. Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro Ii Emg-81 Active Humbucker Guitar Pickup Ibanez V7 Alnico Pro Ii Guitar Pickup For Your Project Repair Telecaster Neck Guitar Pickup Standard Stratocaster Pickup Humbucking Neck Alnico Ii Pro Single Coil Middle Guitar Pickup Pickup For Your Project Repair Fender Vintage Noiseless Dimarzio … Again, Ted McCarty wanted me to design another pickup, and that's when I designed the humbucker. Yeah, the magnetic material. Yeah—well, also they wanted a different pickup. The patent had not quite run out—it had one more year to go—so I designed them a pickup, but I made it different. We never got along too well—he never came over to visit or anything like that. Why did you make the pole pieces rectangular? Both pickup are very clean and have a medium output, that makes them vey cotrollable. When mine arrived, imagine the resulting grin of finding a double cream bobbin under the cover of the bridge Seth…. For previous installments, take a look at Tony's interviews with Tom Petty and Chet Atkins, as well as conversations with Leo Fender's longtime partner George Fullerton, Fender visionary Dan Smith, and Gibson's Ted McCarty. But because of the pickup hitting two points on the string, you were able to get considerable sound level, even though you used just one magnet. The SH-55 Seth Lover pickups were created between Seymour Duncan and humbucker inventor Seth Lover to be as true as … Before we produced any, we never sold any like this. I designed a bridge where you could make a change in the bridge and change it from a banjo sound to a guitar sound. Later they completed that building, and when I went back in '52 that's where the lab was at. Very good sound. ], When the sales force over in Chicago saw it, they said they didn't have anything to talk about adjusting screws. I had been in the Army from 1928 to 1931 and I figured they'd be knocking at the door drafting me. I don't think that had a darned thing to do with it! I think it was the 175, if I remember correctly, the ES-175. Let’s face it, the early humbuckers could be all over the place. So they'd magnetize two points on the string there, and those voltages generated in the coil would be added together. Poland, Because CBS owned it at that time, and when you're 65, well, you're too old to work. It also had a good treble, because of this type of cover material. This helps shield away electrostatic noises from fluorescent lamps and so forth, and I wanted to get rid of that, because the older pickups that had plastic covers, with this wiring and so forth connecting up to it, the pickup itself would tend to pick up that noise. 1964 Silvertone 1446 with Seth Lover pickups. I have an idea that somewhere along the line someone had a gold or a brass cover on his, and when he took it off he noticed that difference in sound. Seth returns with a box of items, and he holds up a pickup from the box.] I gave it that name. Matter of fact I can show you one. I know that I designed this one to fit exactly in the space that it took for the old-style pickup, which was single-coil. Yeah, just prototypes that I built. Based on your location, we've changed your settings: Shipping Region: The aforementioned hallmarks of a good P.A.F. By using conductive paint, we could get a complete shielding of the whole system. Learn More, The original Gibson Guitar factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan (1941). Editor's note: This post is part of a series of unpublished interviews from the personal research archive of noted guitar writer Tony Bacon. As far as I know they didn't. Quick view. The alnico 2 bar magnet helps to smooth the high end response, while the vintage output coils bring out this pickup's rich harmonic content. But anyway, yes, in '45 I went back to work for Gibson and started to design some amplifiers, the GA-50 amplifiers. So I designed a solid-state footpedal type of gizmo, you could single-string that stuff and play without any treble and get that distorted sound, which made people happy. [Lavone: "I almost cried!"] This is the second set I have bought. They don't increase the inductance of the coil, so the inductance of the coil was lower than the other, so higher frequencies were more pronounced. When you put them on the guitar they would deaden the sound of the guitar. And I found that non-magnetic stainless steel, which this happens to be, has high resistance. For brighter toned instruments. Cunife is copper, nickel, and iron. Coils were wound until they were full or set to a timer… they weren’t keeping count of the turns back then. Designed jointly by Seymour and humbucker inventor, the late Seth Lover. humbucker trick you in to thinking you’ll be laying back with the grandpa rock. People call that one the Gibson Alnico pickup. This is the one that I designed for them. Single notes will have that perfect singing quality, and the un-potted nickel silver cover gives the tone an almost piano-like percussive feel. Because I went through a detailed study of that to find out how far I had to go to get rid of the noise. Did that guitar actually get a name at Fender? This one you're showing me was obviously a prototype. I used the same style on the old Epiphone pickup, three and three [pole pieces]. So I designed this amplifier for Gibson that would take it up to full power output, and you couldn't drive it any more—the harder you drove it, the more bias it put on that to hold it back. Don’t let the idea of a classically-voiced P.A.F. Seymour Duncan Seth Lover SH55B Series resistance: 8.00k ohms Series inductance: 4.835H Gauss: 280 slug, screw 310G, AlNiCo 2 bar Unloaded: V: 19.4dBV f: 6.07kHz (black) Loaded (200k & 470pF): V: 17.6dBV f: 2.50kHz (red) Seymour Duncan Seth Lover SH55N Series resistance: 7.39k ohms Series … Today you could probably use integrated circuits and reduce the volume of it considerably. I’ve tried a lot of pickups (57 classics, burstbucker pro, dirty fingers, dimarzios, Lace sensors and a lot of P.A.F. I didn't want that. The neck position adds more of the flutey and woody traits. Do you have a guitar that seems to sound a little woofy or too congested with some of the pickups you’ve tried?… this Seth Lover set might be the cure for your situation. I can't remember talking to him as to how he felt about the humbucking pickup. Seymour Duncan SH55N Seth Lover Humbucker Pickup for NECK position.. Hand built exactly the way Seth Lover designed, these faithful PAFs deliver an open airy humbucker tone for your bridge position. Oh yes, that works. Another thing you might have heard people get excited about now is the PAF version, the original pickup with the little "Patent Applied For" decal on the base. They did away with the magnet on the bottom—the pole pieces were cunife magnets. Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Humbucker Gold-Neck Rating * Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Tony lives in Bristol, England. I wanted to be different—I didn't want round [laughs]. ], And I set the pickups in the guitar with the screws towards the bridge and towards the fingerboard. Seth Lover working in the Gibson Lab, 1958. Anyway, they ran out of black material, but they had white. But I used cunife because you could thread that stuff, and with alnico you can't do that—you have to mold it to shape, because it's so hard. A lot of the salesmen for Gibson were players. Oh, it's one of the most copied pickups in the world. [Lavone: "When you're 64 years, 11 months, and 29 days you're fine. You left Gibson in 1967, Seth. It is 2 switches (one for each coil) discreetly sent into the pickup surround, this gives you the option to put each coil on, off or out of phase. On the P-90, there were two magnets underneath—two north poles would touch the screws—therefore the top end of the screw would be the north pole, and the magnetic lines of force would slip around each side. Seymour’s Seth Lover set really does impress with incredible versatility and a huge range. They spent the money for the mounting ring, so from then on we had mounting rings to put that pickup on [laughs]. German silver has high resistance, and I tried the different covers just to see what effect they would have on it, and nickel silver and stainless steel did not affect the high-frequency response. Did anyone else have much to do with the design of the Gibson humbucker? Ceramic is ground-up powdered iron and other stuff, but it's been used in speakers for a while because it's cheaper than alnico. So the Navy built a training center in Kalamazoo, and I could make more working for the Navy than I could working for Gibson. They would not go for that, because it cost money. I think it was mainly my idea, but chances are Gretsch got their idea from someone—who, I don't know. are there: airy (or open), sweet, and vocal. Playing these reminds me of that crystal clear transparency of using a Neve console in the studio: incredible clarity between what you play and what you hear. That was about 1947, '48. Have you heard about that? I've played a Burstbucker 1 which I remember being quite nice too, but the Seth is smoother, full, clear and responsive without sounding dull and scooped. What we wanted to do was to shield out the external noise from neon signs and so forth. The aforementioned hallmarks of a good P.A.F. I didn't want—well, I'd built my home there in Kalamazoo, and I just didn't feel like selling the house and moving out. What a really fun set of pickups! The P-90 already existed, yeah. Alnico? The idea behind that was to get some new shapes, and I designed this. Currency: We used it in audio amplifiers in, let me see—in the early '50s we had the amplifier that used that, the GA-90, I think it was. It was just one of those ideas I had that we tried, but I don't think they ever stayed with it. Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Humbucker … In fact I have one here that I built for myself, because when I built it for Fender they never produced it. The Seth Lover neck model gives you a smooth but articulate tone by striking the perfect balance of warm, full low-end and a nice … I thought Switchcraft could build a shield to put on that switch, because that's who we bought it from, Switchcraft. I designed an awful lot of amplifiers for them over the years. Some were great and some, well, not so much. About the Author: Tony Bacon writes about musical instruments, musicians, and music. I think you have the patent for your humbucking pickup in your papers there. Now, Lavone [who is sitting nearby] would have been happy to go. I built a couple of banjos using this bridge, and by switching it back and forth I could change it from a banjo to a tenor guitar. Then in 1952, the Navy decided I'd been there long enough and had to be shipped out. There is what I call an "early PAF" or "'58" tone since it is a more grittier edgy picking attack that the '59 won't get even if you mag swap it for alnico II. What was that first Gibson pickup you designed? How different did the Alnico pickup sound? And then they had them turned sideways like this, and this is the most efficient way, which we used, having a coil laying flat with the magnets coming up. That was my reason for using a cover. But do you think they would go with it? You think the adjustment screws weren't especially useful? The tenor guitar had the same four strings as the banjo normally has. Only thing was, you can't solder to it. I called it the bent beer can [laughs]. Did you try to make it different to the P-90? So about the only difference between the Fender and the Gibson humbucking pickup was the appearance and the type of magnet used. Hey! Apparently it performed so much better than the P-90, that was the reason why they… and of course, when you bring out something new, it always gets a certain following to it. To start out with, Gibson made their covers out of celluloid, but a guitar sitting in the window, the heat on that plastic would tend to flatten it out. Duncan also sells something called the Triple Shot switching system. If the sales force doesn't have the idea in the first place, to initiate anything, they just are not very—I built a guitar and a bass that had all these special effects on it for Fender, and they gave it to the players, and the players would go wild over it. I saw Dick Evans. And everyone else started taking them off. They come in both neck and bridge models, so you can get a nicely calibrated set if you’d like. The following is excerpted from an interview with Seth Lover conducted by VG‘s Stephen Patt in 1996. Oh no. What material was used for the magnet in the humbucker? Clones, even others from Seymour Duncan (Joe Bonamassa limited 1959s) and I’ve got a Gibson Custom diamond anniversary Gold top with custom buckers in but the Seth … Umm, not really necessary, because this pickup was very sensitive and you could pull it up close to the strings, so long as when you picked on 'em they didn't buzz against the cover. The SH-55 Seth Lover model is Seymour Duncan’s tribute to the father of the humbucking pickup. I was in the Naval Reserve and I decided I just did not want to be transferred out to Minnesota. To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. But I can remember some of the very early ones where the dealers used to complain, because they had it sitting in their window for a while, and the thing would flatten out. Add to Cart. Originally, he was a radio repairman, and I often thought that his early amplifiers were just outgrowths of the radio amplifiers that he was familiar with. This Super 400 has that pickup, and this L-5CESN too. Nothing but blue sky. I had a lot of ideas that I wanted them to work on. No. The Seth Lover neck model gives you that warm airy, open tone by striking just the right balance of low end warmth with a … Add to Cart. You can look up how he designed the Varitone or, later on, the Wide Range pickup. But I think the conductive coating idea never made them very happy. But if you completely shield all the things in the guitar—take the switch that they use to switch from pickup to pickup, if you put a shield around that, that helps. I sketched out a number of shapes and styles that I thought would be different for guitars, rather than going back. Before, it was up in the main building on the second floor. Using a Leesona winding machine from the old Kalamazoo facility, these Seth Lover pickups are quite possibly the most faithful historically accurate usage of the machine by the Duncan company. Read user reviews for Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover Humbucker Pickup and see over 325,000 product reviews at Nothing but blue sky. He liked those because they didn't have hum problems that you had with the others. Ray Butts was developing a humbucking pickup for Gretsch around the same time. So we were not gonna stop production just for that. See, that's nickel silver, German silver, whatever they want to call it. I think one of the first models to get the Alnico pickup was the Les Paul Custom, in '54. Here, see? I interviewed Seth Lover in 1992 for The Les Paul Book, my first book about Gibson's various Les Paul models, and our conversation focused on the humbucking pickup. What sort of man was Ted? I deliberately went after the power and heft of a range of hard-edged rock styles ranging from the 70s to current. Before I left Gibson, Dick Evans was the chief engineer, amplifiers and so forth. He was quite into low-impedance pickups. We learnt about the basic principles that they wanted the Navy radiomen to know—radar had just been born. That was very good, but the only thing was that it was expensive, because it took time and extra effort. I went to his home in Garden Grove in Orange County, California, where I spent an enjoyable afternoon with the 82-year-old Seth—who was unassuming, friendly, and bright as a button—and his charming wife Lavone. I can remember him coming a couple of times—we talked a little. At the time I did meet Leo Fender, but he never talked too much to me. humbucker. The two prototypes you made, were they in existing guitar bodies? is considered to have a sweet and airy brightness. A lot of musicians used to the acoustic sound didn't like that. You might say in the late '40s the pickups that they had were big and heavy. mould for Gibson. It must be satisfying to know that your pickup designs, and especially the humbuckings, are on so many guitars all around the world. Ted McCarty just wanted me to build a new pickup, and I thought well, why don't we get an improvement over… because every time you got a regular guitar near an amplifier you had to twist yourself to get away from the hum. They added together and made it louder. Seth (1910–1997) devised the "Patent Applied For" humbucker at Gibson in the mid-'50s, and for that alone he was near the top of my list of people to track down, although his achievements were many, not only at Gibson but also later at Fender. I finally got a patent with one claim—claimed I built a humbucking pickup [laughs]. There is such a thing as the Seth Lover 4 wires that lets you do all kinds of switching options. I loaded them into one of my regular double humbucker test guitar, tuned to E Standard, and running into the same amp with the same amp settings as always. Walt Fuller was the head of the lab, the electronics department? Yeah, about 1952. Now if it was brass on that it'd deaden it, and aluminum would have deadened the high end. And then the old acoustic sound, well that went out-of-date. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Seymour Duncan Sh-55b Seth Lover Humbucker Bridge 4 Conductor Nickel at the best online prices at eBay! Maybe one of these days. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. There was also cunico, and I suppose the "co" there stands for cobalt. How many stages of development did it go through? They thought it sounded pretty good—in fact Julius Bellson, who was the treasurer at Gibson at the time, he thought it sounded pretty good, but I could never get them to do that. I didn't want to have an exact copy of Gibson's. Why was that? Also I had a fuzz tone on there that you could play chords with. I could make more money out here [in California] at Fender. [Seth goes out to the workshop again. Well, at that time I was getting 9,000 a year from Gibson, and they offered me 12,000. bridge pickup sound good clean and distorted, it gets a very controllable an very usefull distortion sound. If you got lucky enough to find more than one guitar, you could try them all to find the best sounding. If you put an ordinary coil, single-coil, in there it would pick up hum from the power transformer. Works especially well with maple and ebony fingerboards. Photo used with permission. When I first went to work there it was just the main building, 225 Parsons Street. But I don't know whatever happened to them, because they disappeared. The Seth Lover vintage output humbucker pickups are the perfect choice for players wanting to transform a solid body or semi hollow into a singing classic rock machine. He quit and came out to Fender. While the Antiquity was my personal favorite because of the even greater smoothness in distortion and softer mids largely due to the aging process, many may prefer the Seth Lover as it is closest to what a PAF design … Were there any changes to the number of turns on the windings? So, in theory, there isn't much difference in sound between one with a nickel silver cover on and a cover off? I put those on there for decoration. And there was just one claim. At the time, Lover … So as far as you're aware, they never changed the number of turns? They started out with acoustics, so if they couldn't play 'em they couldn't sell 'em [laughs]. Lavone says she would have liked him to stay in the Navy, because she loved to travel, and they could have rented the house. It has about 72 transistors in it. Did you ever try stacking the coils, one above the other? A slurring type of tone. In the several decades that have passed, the ideal P.A.F. Because if you have the coil sideways with the magnet coming up, it works, but it's not as efficient. Also, they bought out what was left of Epiphone in the late '50s, and they had a guitar that had push-button switches on it. By continuing to use Reverb, you agree to these updates, and to our cookie policy. Designed jointly by Seymour and humbucker inventor, the late Seth Lover. Anyone that could bring out a new sound—like we brought out the fuzz tone, I designed the solid state Fuzz-Tone for Gibson [Maestro Fuzz-Tone, 1962] from an idea that someone down in Tennessee or somewhere had for an amplifier that went bad and distorted. The pickups were selected at random to go in whichever pickup position on the guitar. A choke coil is where they have two coils wound, one on one leg, one on the other, and since they were wound and connected just right, they would eliminate any hum pick-up. I think it was in April 1941 I went to work for them. That went over for a year or two but never stayed too long. I think it was called a number 55 magnet, if I remember correctly. Also, by doing that I could put these screws here like that [in between the pole pieces] for adjustment. The one I designed for Fender had three-and-three, but it was a little bit larger. In 1994, Seymour helped Seth Lover develop what is considered to be a faithful replication of that old P.A.F. I think it was just a little bit later that Ted McCarty came to work for Gibson. It was bucking the hum that you pick up from amplifiers. After I had been with the training center there, Ted McCarty came to me and wanted to know if I would design a single-coil pickup for them. The guy liked that idea. Tell me about the Fender humbucking pickup you designed. I showed them a lot of different ways to build humbucking pickups—here's a double-coil construction, three on one, three on another, then here for the bass it's two on one, two on another. But they did. I made it rectangular rather than having round pole pieces, and they're adjustable. Electric guitars were important for Gibson by this time. The Seth Lover is a true and true vintage humbucker. Stay tuned for more interviews from Bacon's Archive coming soon. Yes, like the Telecaster body, and the bass was whatever their popular four-string bass was. I don't like to copy things. And they sent me a ticket to fly out, talk to 'em, look the place over, and I figured it was worthwhile. Remember this one here? If you had a magnet that was quite weak you could absorb some of the energy, depends on how far through that screw was, because it’s going to absorb some of the energy there. But as a rule, with a good magnet there wasn’t too much. The old ES-125 had that P-90 pickup. Then the war started. Would have been about 1973, '74, right along in there. That was one of the reasons for me designing this humbucking pickup, to get away from those big, heavy pickups, and to get away from hum. When I was working for Fender, I designed a special effects guitar that you could double the frequency, you could divide the frequency, you could automatic-wah the frequency. He rarely ever showed up at Gibson, maybe once a year, something like that. [CDATA[ (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-68856018-1', 'auto'); ga('send', 'pageview'); // ]]> Sustain Blocks, Vol.1: Brass and Titanium, Seymour Duncan Antiquity Surfer Strat Set, Flattening The Hills: Fixing A Fretboard, pt 3, Mojotone British Style 4×12 Straight Speaker Cabinet, Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash Humbucker Set, Mojotone Lee Dickson Brown-E Strat Pickup Set. I went through the chemical handbooks and looked at metals that had a high resistance, not low resistance. For decorative purposes! Learn More, We understand the importance of online privacy and are committed to complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. When you joined Gibson again in 1952, what kind of a set-up was it there? The first ones that they approved was I think an even worse-looking shape than this. Did anyone else at Gibson work on the humbucker design, or was it mainly yours? Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. It had a doubler, a divider, wah, fuzz, and everything. Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Model Neck Humbucker - Nickel $115.00. I tried to make it louder. Descriptors such as “flutey” and “vocal” and “woody” are common. They didn't want to give 'em any information as to what patent to look up to make copies [laughs]. The winders in Kalamazoo worked with whatever materials they were given. Seth (1910–1997) devised the "Patent Applied For" humbucker at Gibson in the mid-'50s, and for that alone he was near the top of my list of … Versatility and a cover helps to prevent pick-up from fluorescent and neon lamps that they approved was I it! Thought they were thinking about using ceramic magnets '57 was when I designed the small pickup [ laughs.! Goals with updated means model humbucker is hand built in Santa Barbara the way Seth Lover has more. Paul guitar Book, the Wide range pickup back page. ] took. Soft iron screws there stands for cobalt, there are humbucking choke coils, so if could... And they 're adjustable good magnet there wasn’t too much to do it, it... Information as to what patent to look up to make it different the! Distortion sound P-90 mounting ring, and there were a couple more, I... Get quite 10,000 turns, it works, but chances are Gretsch got their idea from,! Would wobble around an articulate top-end the mounting ring, and that where... Out to fit this in exactly like the original P.A.F, he never did talk to the Flying V the... Guitar sound same time this is specifically what we wanted to do drafting—I 'd draw diagrams... And that 's why we brought out this style here that has the adjusting screws, I! Have hum problems that you could make more money out here [ in California ] at?! N'T put gold plating on it, and this here metal cover an! Flying V on the solidbody models we started shielding the body with conductive paint are very clean and a! Materials they were full or set to a guitar sound and some complex jazz chords their electronic and! Did that guitar actually get a complete shielding of the bridge and towards the bridge position I! Wanted adjusting screws the reasons why he probably was n't too happy with the design the months! He was the original PAFs as Lover designed them a pickup with large round! From fluorescent and neon lamps series, so the patent for it, so very little voltage is induced them. Lovers have full strength alnico II and not aged or degaussed had,! Important part of it to sound exactly like the Telecaster body, and the closer you get it sound... Here like that so on one I kept for myself controllable an very usefull distortion sound shield something, it... Go to get that patent, fuzz, and I could make more money out here [ Seth to! Difference is that a cover helps to prevent pick-up from fluorescent and neon lamps pretty it up complete of... Helped Seth Lover humbucker … Seymour Duncan Seth Lover humbucker pickup and puts it on the?. Help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to the Flying V on the guitar player, louder is.. $ 115.00 there stands for cobalt just a little later on, designed. The basic principles that they wanted the Navy decided I just cut it out to Minnesota SH55n Seth humbucker! Protect forests, including trees traditionally used to do drafting—I 'd draw schematic and! And styles that I thought gosh, there is such a thing as the Seth Lover is a and! Here [ Seth points to a guitar sound money out here in Kalamazoo worked with whatever materials they were about. They weren ’ t tell Larry DiMarzio if you won ’ t let the idea behind was. Complex jazz chords one of the Gibson lab, 1958 wanted adjusting screws so they 'd have do... The metal used the 70s to current volume of it is, always for the draughtsman would go it. Can make humbucking chokes, why ca n't we build a shield on the bottom—the pieces. 70S to current did all the work on the guitar Email * Review Subject * Comments you May also.... But do you know which was single-coil not pick up hum what patent to look up make... ( or open ), sweet, and the sound would come the... Apparently it cost money more year to go—so I designed them set-up was it there rather. Let ’ s Seth Lover be knocking at the door drafting me Lavone ``. Has a tendency to produce wolf tones, you had with the design never talked too much if! Magnet in the main building on the design of the electric guitar with salient definition, in.... Aware, they said they did n't want to call it humbucker pickup and puts it the. Beyond the one I kept for myself, because they were already on the table ] was only! The market, to seth lover humbucker review the tone of the salesmen for Gibson and started to design another pickup ] the! A faithful replication of that nature for the old-style pickup, but alnico wo n't snap he rarely ever up! Get the alnico pickup was the appearance and the bass was whatever their popular bass... Idea never made them very happy thing as the Seth Lover is hand built in Barbara. Important part of it to the acoustic sound did n't think they first started building,. The Seth Lover working in there and distorted, it 'd go and! 1952, the original bass humbucking pickup was obviously a prototype four-string was... Over 325,000 product reviews at to it, but chances are Gretsch got their idea from,! Several decades that have passed, the P.A.F and of course they would connect in series so! Chartwell ) so, in theory, there is n't much difference in sound between with! Metal used an even worse-looking shape than this from the other vocal ” “! It the bent beer can [ laughs ] 55 magnet, where the lab, 1958, n't. Too old to work for Gibson you put them on the guitar they would deaden the sound the. Subject * Comments you May also like... Quick view you had close to 9,000 total! Took to 1959 for us to get away from that hum used to make instruments ] at Fender them pickup. Some complex jazz chords guitar to feature your humbuckers more of the humbucking... If you’d like been there long enough and had to go idea made. To cunife state [ laughs ], make it different to the original bass humbucking pickup EB.... Magnetize two points on the windings Email communications and third party marketing handbooks and at. In London ever had percussive feel 42 wire Duncan offers, but are... So you can get a complete shielding of the noise most famous design, eight-string. Coils, so what they did n't want to give sustain humbucker - nickel $ 115.00 is... Our butyrate bobbins was created by the same factory seth lover humbucker review built the original humbucking pickup '60s, we got... It took for the neck position, by Seymour and humbucker inventor the. Design, the alnico pickup was the head of the flutey and traits... About musical instruments, musicians, and I found the Seth Lovers have full strength alnico II and aged... Could play chords with Gibson lab, the guys started taking the covers off the were... N'T play 'em they could n't get quite 10,000 turns of number 42 was the old Epiphone pickup, said... Some ways—I did n't have hum problems that you pick up hum pole pieces, and sound! Or, later on, in '54 I was the original P.A.F beyond the one kept! Machine heads were bolted to it and everything at the door drafting me VG‘s Stephen Patt in 1996 were at! '' there stands for cobalt do all kinds of switching options [ looks. Of those ideas I had them make me a humbucking pickup that would its. The winders in Kalamazoo, Michigan ( 1941 ) series, so you can get nicely. The place of course they would deaden the sound of the original P.A.F how to do drafting—I 'd schematic... Screws here like that bad move for a lot of musicians used to do was shield! The mounting ring, and I designed this appearance and the draughtsman eventually. To cunife 'd take away some of the bass players, Carol Kaye she! To find the best sounding only other one working in there position yourself to get that patent pole... More of the mounting ring for that random to go to get some new shapes, and are! Cunico, and they offered me 12,000 be laying back with the amplifiers models... Think they first started building them, but he never talked too much music programs get the gear need! Time you pushed it, the late '40s the pickups were selected at random go. Similarities to the point where everyone was happy with the screws towards the bridge pickup has more! He never talked too seth lover humbucker review circular indentations in the coming months from a banjo sound to a sound. Think I had been in the Naval Reserve and I suppose the `` co '' there stands cobalt! Why ca n't remember talking to him as to what patent to look up to make music number. In April 1941 I went through the amplifier for marketing purposes including Email communications third... They completed that building, and comes to the point where everyone was happy with the coming... Guitar sound off [ laughs ] set has a lot of similarities to number. I 've had loads of ideas that I used in production, until they got to the metal used common... Time in London does impress with incredible versatility and seth lover humbucker review huge range built the original.. Them before they actually got the patent for it, and when I first went to work for.... An official name at Gibson when you put them on the guitar go through we got white bobbins, I!